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About Me

Amanda Albrecht: Organizer

I’ve always loved putting things into their proper places. I even find loading dishwashers fun. I’ve helped friends and family with their sorting, packing and storing projects, and always enjoyed the experience. Taking on a task others dread and finding treasure there is wonderfully fulfilling. Thus, my friends have suggested careers in design or management. Even before I had heard of professional organizing, I dreamed of such employment.

Sometimes it helps to have someone a step away from the problem to make the answer come into focus. I feel that in our increasingly hectic society, the need for this type of service will only grow. 

Amanda Albrecht: Third-Gen Montanan

My parents both attended and met at Montana State University. Filled with family and friends, Bozeman was a familiar vacation spot, which appealed when it came time to choose a college. While earning my bachelor's degree in Business Management, Bozeman became home. I want to help our town grow and develop while remaining true to its rural, outdoorsy roots.    

Amanda Albrecht: Sanity Fairy​​

I like to think of myself as orderly, but I am not neat. I do not always put my stuff away when it’s not in use, but when I do, it has a place to go where I will remember to find it again. A place for everything, even if not everything is in its place. If you find yourself overwhelmed by STUFF, be it a full attic, or an overflowing closet, too much to fit in your new space, or simply too jumbled to locate, the Sanity Fairy is ready to fly over and work some magic!

Amanda Albrecht: Sanity Fairy
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