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When you contact me, we can work out a cost and time estimate, during your free 20-minute digital/phone consultation.

Prices are based on the estimated time our projects will take. You can pay by the hour, plan 4-hour sessions or we can negotiate a discount for longer sessions. 

I take cash or check, due at time of services rendered. Gift certificates are available, but I highly recommend not surprising a loved one with the suggestion that they may lack sanity. ;)

The Sanity Fairy LLC is based out of Bozeman, Montana. Travel expenses will be included in your fee for locations beyond a 60 minute round-trip drive time. 

Image by Manasvita S

Preparing for TSF

Before we meet, take some time to envision your goals for the project. 

-30% declutter?

-Everything within easy reach?

-Color-coded organization?

Check out my Pinterest for inspiration!

At our session, I will need a cleared workspace for our sorting and decluttering process. The owner/user for each collection/space we tackle must be present to make decisions about which items can leave, and what organizational system works for them.

I don't recommend making any purchases of organizational products until after we've finished decluttering and sorting, so you know how many of what size item to buy. However, I do suggest buying a fresh package of garbage bags. If you grab both a black and a white set, it will make sorting donations from trash a lot easier. 

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