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Professional organizing looks different to each person - from clearing out an attic, or organizing a garage, to arranging a dorm room - whatever you need. We use a process of decluttering, sorting, labeling, and arranging to put everything where you need it. We can even work on your digital spaces!

I find it helpful to tackle projects by the collection (clothes, books, sports equipment) or by the space (bathroom, kitchen, workshop). The magic of professional organization is in the ability to take a step back from the problem and let the solution come into focus. 

What solutions do I provide? Motivation to get the job done, strategies to keep organization in place, new homes for old treasures, a fresh perspective on your needs - and, of course, an extra pair of hands!

So what magic do you need the Sanity Fairy to weave? From downsizing to hosting a yard sale, I can help you with finding things easily, creating empty spaces and maintaining peace of mind. Schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation today, and together we'll work out a plan to bring some sparkles to your insane spaces.

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